Friday, November 14, 2008

Barack Obama

"I'm asking you to believe
Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington
I'm asking you to believe in yours"- Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II, born in August 4, 1961 is the President-elect of the United States and the junior United States Senator from Illinois. Obama is the first African American to be elected President of the United States. Taking office on January 20, 2009 succeeding George W. Bush.

Barack Obama was raised by a single mother and his grandparents. They didn't have much money, but they taught him values from the Kansas heartland where they grew up. He took out loans to put himself through school. After college, he worked for Christian churches in Chicago, helping communities devastated when steel plants closed. Obama turned down lucrative job offers after law school to return to Chicago, leading a successful voter registration drive. He joined a small law firm, taught constitutional law and, guided by his Christian faith, stayed active in his community. Obama and his wife Michelle are proud parents of two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Obama's Stand on,

Barack Obama has offered a detailed plan to get America’s economy back on track, by creating new jobs and easing the burden on hardworking Americans by offering middle-class tax cuts three times the size of McCain’s.

Barack Obama puts children first by investing in early childhood education, making sure our schools are adequately funded and led by high-quality teachers, and reforming No Child Left Behind.

Energy & Environment
Barack Obama will invest in alternative fuels and renewable energy, including a plan to increase America’s energy efficiency and create 5 million new “green” jobs.

Foreign Policy
Barack Obama will continue the long American tradition of smart diplomacy to keep the country safe while improving America’s standing in the world.

Health Care
Barack Obama’s health care plan will provide accessible, affordable coverage for all, and it will reduce health care costs for families.

Homeland Security
Barack Obama supports increased security measures for our airports, ports, and land borders, part of a national plan to protect American’s infrastructure and keep our communities safe.

Barack Obama provides a middle class tax cut for 95 percent of American workers. Middle class families will get three times the tax relief from Obama than they would from John McCain.

Election nite speech:

Blueprint for change

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics 2008

India’s Olympics 2008 Team

UPDATE: This year India did good by winning 3medals; 1 Gold and 2 Bronze

Archery: Dola Banerjee, Pranitha Vardhineni, L Bombayala Devi, Mangal Singh Champia.

Athletics: Anju Bobby George (Long Jump), Krishna Poonia (Discus), Harwant Kaur (Discus), Preeja Sreedharan (10,000m), Manjit Kaur (400m), Chitra Soman (4×400m relay), Sini Jose (4×400m relay), MR Poovamma (4×400m relay), Mandeep Kaur (4×400m relay), S Geeta (4×400m relay), K Mridula (4×400m relay), J J Shobha (Heptathlon), Sushmita Singh Roy (Heptathlon), G G Pramila (Heptathlon), Vikas Gowda (Discus), Renjith Maheswary (Triple Jump), Surender Singh (10000m).

Badminton: Anup Sridhar, Saina Nehwal

Boxing: Jitender (51kg), Akhil Kumar (54kg), A L Lakhra (57kg), Vijender(75kg) and Dinesh Kumar (81kg)

Judo: Khumujam Tombi Devi, Divya. Rowing: Bajrang Lal Takhar (Single M1X), Devnder Khandwal and Manjeet Singh (Light Weight Double Scull).

Shooting: Manavjit Singh Sandhu (Clay Pigeon Trap), Mansher Singh (Clay Pigeon Trap), Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (Clay Pigeon Double Trap), Gagan Narang (10m Air Rifle), Abhinav Bindra (10m Air Rifle), Samresh Jung (10m Air Pistol), Sanjeev Rajput (50m Rifle 3 Position), Anjali Bhagwat (50m Rifle 3 Position), Avneet Kaur Sidhu (10m Air Rifle).

Swimming: Virdawal Khade (50m, 100m, 200m Freestyle), Ankur Poseria (100m Butterfly), Sandeep Sejwal (100m, 200m Breaststrokes), Rehan Poncha (200m butterfly).

Table Tennis: Achanta Sharath Kamal, Neha Aggarwal.

Tennis: Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi (doubles), Sania Mirza (singles and doubles), Sunitha Rao (doubles). Weightlifting: L Monika Devi (69kg)

Wrestling: Sushil Kumar (66 kg Freestyle), Yogeshwar Dutt (60 kg Freestyle), Rajiv Tomar (120 kg Freestyle)

Yachting: Major NS Johal (Heavyweight Dinghy).

Medals per year



Thursday, July 31, 2008


Vineeth Sreenivasan, great Malayalam singer and actor. Mechanical engineering student from KCG College of Engineering in Chennai, Vineeth Sreenivasan is the son of the Malayalam film actor and film-maker Sreenivasan.Young talented singer had his break with the film, Udayannanu Tharam, with the hit song `Karale, karalinte Karale' is to lend his voice again for his father and actor cum director and script writer Sreenivasan.

He is a part of the band Malayalee with Jakes Bejoy, Shaan Rahman and Arjun Sasi. He has also acted as one of the main protagonists in the Malayalam film titled Cycle which did well at the box-office. He writes the lyrics of most of his album songs and has also shown his direction skills, directing his own music videos

Album- Malayalee (2007)
The album Malayalee is the first directional venture from the uprising young singer Vineeth Sreenivasan “Minnalazhake” is the most popular song in the album Malayalee. The music is scored by Jakes Bejoy and Jelu Jayaraj wrote the lyrics. “Minnalazhakey” is sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan himself.

Latest Album: Coffee @ MG Road (2008)
College-Coffee @ MG Road is my favorite. College is a melody from Vineeth Sreenivasan’s new album Coffee@MG Road. The music is scored by Shan Rahman. College is sang by Vineeth Sreenivasan. Vineeth Sreenivasan and Shaan Rahman have acted in the song.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Technology from Japan

Technology from Japan

Any guess what it is? Pens with Camera?

Congratulations, You have just looked into the future. Yep, that's right. This will replace your PC in the near future.

Here is how it works In the revolution of miniature computers, scientists have made great developments within bluetooth technology...

This is the forthcoming computers you can carry in your pockets. This 'Pen sort of instrument' produces the monitor as well as the keyboard on any flat surfaces from where you can carry out functions you would normally do on your desktop computer

Friday, June 6, 2008


Saleem Kumar
He is a comedian, but has handled serious roles in films such as Achanurangatha Veedu.Saleem Kumar is an actor entertain malayalees with his on style of dialogs and expressions. He has done his best on various stage programs in many part of Kerala.
'Glamour ellakillum oru vakkilanno' from Meesa Madhavan look simple but every one enjoyed it. He proved Glamour ellakillum oru comedian akkam ennu.

Few from YouTube:

Suraj Venjaramoodu

Suraj came out with the Trivandrum ascent and conquered the audience. I watched his Ujala Asianet Award nite performance and he is quite superb. Also got a chance to watch live his stage performance at Mohanlal US program in 2007, he performed very well even though the entire US program was a flop. He is a down to earth guy, which reminds me of Kalabhavan mani when he started in movie.

'Thallea evan pullianno' is one of the best. Hope he will be able to deliver more comedy varieties to Malayalam.

Few of the best:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Vacation

My two week trip to India was not only a vacation but an experience for sure. It all started at DFW airport. After just the security check I was ready for my vacation to be over and to go back to work. I strongly recommend wearing your house clothes to the Airport and changing into your good clothes after the security check. After a 2hr wait at the Airport we entered the plane for a 10hr flight to Frankfurt, Germany. We requested bassinet for our daughter so we got the middle seat, right behind the business class. This is the worst place to sit in a plane because you can see the great treatment given to business class passengers.

Dfw- Frankfurt is the longest flight of the trip, so you better find a way to entertain yourself. We get 2 meals and have to pay $5 for liquor; of course! By the time we reached Frankfurt I lost track of the time zone. From the plane a bus took us to 'a' terminal. One thing you should learn before landing in Germany- People are rude! Considering I was wearing a NYPD labeled T-shirt they were 'not' that rude. After a long walk we reached the correct terminal where we can catch our connection flight. Guess I have to rephrase the word 'terminal' as there were no seats to sit until you pass the security check. Since we were little early we waited at the 'terminal'.

Finally someone showed up at the counter and started the check-in process. Here comes the next surprise; hand carry weight restrictions are different and you can carry only 25lbs (It was 40lbs at Dallas). Sure enough, here comes the next surprise- me and my dad have the same seat on the same flight. Somehow we solved the de lima and moved to waiting area; we have a place to sit now. But that waiting area doesn't have a restroom, a water fountain or anything. Just a small square area with a few seats where about 200 people have to wait. After a small wait we entered the plane for the next 6hr fly to Bahrain.

Surprising enough, the liquor was FREE on this plane and I took advantage of that. I forgot to mention the plane seat features. Due to the fuel prices there are no more jumbo planes, only airbuses. Now they have 5seats in the middle, which used to be 4. I have to wait for the person sitting next to me to finish eating so that I can take a bite, so now you imagine the seat space we have. Granted I gained weight, but its ridiculous how narrow the seats are now. I killed my time by watching the treatment given to the business class passengers, thinking to myself that one day I will also fly in business class.

We reached Bahrain and waited for our next connection flight. I would say we need signals and stop signs at that airport because it is so crowded. We got into the plane after a small wait at the ticket counter. One thing you need to be aware at the boarding pass counter- carry all the documents you have. Some airports need just the boarding pass, some need passport, and some 'great' airports need visa, passport and the boarding pass. Don't make me repeat about the seats inside the plane- it was spacious. After few hours they stopped the A/c. The fan is on but it feels like hot air coming thru the vent. I informed the flight attendant the 'A/c' wasn't' working and she went inside to notify the Captain/Pilot. 3 sec later she came back and stated everything has been taking care of. I know she never did anything, she just acted like she spoke to someone. I had to come up with plan B; I used the magazines provided in the plane as a fan to cool myself down. We were sweating inside the plane. I guess they figured we are going to INDIA so we needed to get used to the heat. This was suppose to be the shortest flight but it turned out to be the longest flight.

Finally we reached our destination- Gods own country and had a great vacation regardless of the hot climate. I'm writing this so I won't repeat the same mistakes on next vacation to India.


1.Avoid Gulf Air (Narrow seats and waste of time in change over)
2.Avoid going thru Frankfurt or Paris
3.Never go on vacation in summer to India
4.Less hand carry makes the trip smoother

Best Cartoon I can possibly get,